Halloween Mini Melts Set

Halloween Mini Melts Set


Our Halloween Mini Melt Set


Our box of 12 mini melts in four different scents


Black Mini Melt- The Cauldron

  • If you mix violets, citrusy notes, clove, geranium, pine, patchouli and vanilla in the old cauldron (like we do) you'll get this wonderful bewitching fragrance!


Red Mini Melt - Bite Me

  •  Citrus notes of lime and tangy orange, with a tease of cherries and a bite of leafy greens mixed with vanilla .. this is what we smell like to Dracula!


White+ Red Mini Melt- Dragons Blood

  • Warm woody earthy scent, top notes of amber, vanilla and sandalwood, middle notes of powdery musks and base notes of asian florals


Green Mini Melt - Forbiden Fruit

  • The alluring aroma of juicy apples and pineapple with peach blossoms on a fruity musky base .. Risky!



  • How to Use:

    Use this product by placing into your burners whole. Light a tea light underneath or turn on your electric burner and away you go!

    The Scent will be released and fill your home!

    Simply Blow out the tea light or turn off the electric burner once finnished with the wax melt and allow to harden, you can then relight and reuse the wax melt until the scent has finnished or remove and replace with another scent!

    Our pots are around 45g in weight and contain colours , glitter and sometimes MICA powder






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