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asmine and gardenia supported by vetiver -- giving it a hint of cologne scent while being unmistakably floral. It fades and I get just a few moments of chocolate-patchouli 


Highly Perfumed Room Spray 100ml in High quality Amber glass bottle.

Our room sprays are handmade and handpoured at Firefly Handmade Creations, using the highest quality fragrance oils.

How to use our room sprays: 
Take off the clear protective lid. Angle the bottle upwards into the centre of the room and press the pump trigger. Spray as many times as you would like.

Please do not spray directly onto fabrics, hard surfaces or soft materials. Please do not spray directly on to surfaces, skin or furniture, this is not perfume. Hold spray at least 30cm away from items like your sofa, cushions etc. when spraying. Fragrance oil is hazardous & in its pure form can melt plastic & easily stain items. Please follow our instructions to avoid damage.

Black Orchid Tom Ford Replica 100ml Room Spray