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What are your Products Made from?

All our products are created using the finest quality Natural Soy Wax. All our fragrance oils are vegan friendly and kind to your home. We try to use the safest Glitter and extra componenets when creating products with extra sparkle!

How do i use my waX MELTS 

To use our Wax Melts/ Container pots, choose you product and remove from packaging. Place into your wax melt burner and place up tp two tea lights below. Do not overfill your burner as this will spill. We recommend up to four mini melts & three section of our container melts at a time. 


Our company is CLP compliant, meaning all of our products contain labels which state what ingredients are contained inside, any allergens and precautionary/hazard statements. This information is handy in case of any allergic reactions, but especially important if a wax melt is accidentally ingested.