What is a Wax Melt?
A wax melt is a moulded shape of fragranced wax. It gets placed into a wax burner and a tea light get placed underneath, When lit the burner will melt the wax and release the fragrance. This allows for the wax melt to be reused by blowing out the tea light and letting the wax melt reset. 
How long does the scent last?
Our wax melts are highly scented with the maximum percentage of fragrance in. Our wax melts usually last with 4 hours per 4 mini melts or 6 hours per quarter of our wax melt post. Most of our wax melts do last longer than four hours and can be melted until the fragrance disappears. 
What type of wax do you use?
In all our wax products we use natural Soy Wax, which we have tested and believe that this wax gives the best scent throw and holds scent and colour well.
Are your products safe around pets?
Our products are safe around animals but please check our CLP labels and check ingredient before sue. Please make sure that pets do not consume our products. And also make sure they are out of reach of children 

Why is there white smoke coming from my wax?

The white "smoke" you may sometimes see coming from your wax melt isn't actually smoke. It is in fact vapour, and is basically the fragrance oil evaporating. You will see it more with some fragrances than others and is nothing to be concerned about. If however, you ever see black smoke, please extinguish your tea-light candle immediately - the wax is burning too hot and there may be a hairline crack in the dish of your burner.

Why have my diffuser reeds lost their smell?

Reeds sometimes require flipping in order to refresh the scent. If you can no longer smell your diffuser, simply flip the reeds in the vessel so the opposite ends of the reeds are submerged in the liquid. We use fibre reeds, so they shouldn't require flipping too often. Be careful not to touch the fragrance oil with your bare hands - we recommend using disposable gloves. Should you get any of the liquid on your skin, wash with soapy water immediately. 

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